Sycamore Child Care offers a full day programs for children aged six weeks to twelve years of age. Children are offered a wide variety of hands-on experiences that promote growth in all areas of development.


Key Elements of Creative Curriculum

The classroom is divided into interest areas such as blocks, dra­matic play, math, art, literacy, discovery science, music, move­ment and computers. Teachers use a wide variety of instructional strategies and mate­rials. Whole group, small group, and individual instruction are a part of the routine.

Our Program & Curriculum

Our goals as a daycare center are:

• Providing a caring, safe and nurturing environment;

• Providing developmentally appropriate practices and experiences that engage children in activities to promote problem solving and creativity.

• Creating an environment conducive for learning and exploration

• Reinforcing positive behavior, self-awareness and cooperative skills through the use of praise redirection and positive reinforcement

• Providing a well-rounded daily schedule that addresses all domains of learning and meets the individual needs of the children

• Being a model early childhood program for our local community and surrounding areas

Sycamore Child Care follows Creative Curriculum as a guide to provide a foundation for the experiences we offer the children. Creative Curriculum is a nationally recognized approach developed using research­ based Best Practice and current brain research. It is a developmen­tally appropriate practice that creates purposeful and productive ex­periences that help children grow in all areas of development.

Learning Infant/Toddlers

Ages 6 weeks to 2 years The infant and toddler classrooms focus on meeting the individual social, emotional and physical needs of each child through nurturing and loving responsive care giving. Children are provided with a wide variety of interesting and challenging activities adapted to their individual development levels.


These classrooms participate in fun and educational activities and projects that provide for independent learning, and read books, sing songs and nursery rhymes to expand their language development. Potty training usually begins in this room.

Learning Preschool - Threes and Fours

The preschool day is structured to give the child a balance of learning and fun, structure and choice, teacher-and self-directed activities, group and individual exploration. In addition, children spent part of their classroom time outdoors, playing and exploring the world around them.